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The Parsi Company creates frugal and eco-friendly products inspired by World War II. The ReTowel, our signature product, is a trendy, reusable, eco-friendly alternative to boring, wasteful, chlorine-bleached paper towels.

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ReTowels are made from flannel and terry cloth, and come in sets of 6. They snap together to roll up and fit on a paper towel holder. After usage, simply wash, dry, and reuse! These make great, practical gifts for just about anyone, such as the eco-friendly graduate, or the budget-conscious graduate. The Parsi Company also creates sandwich bags, made with a waterproof liner.

At its core, The Parsi Company is inspired by the Greatest Generation; the American men and women who fought and won WWII. During that time, the women specifically had to be extra frugal and save money, as well as ration paper for the war effort!

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“I find the ReTowel to be handy, cost beneficial, practical and perfect for any household.” -Justine J., mother of four

“I use them to clean my counter and they work well and washed and they held out. I like the fact they snapped together.” -Kristi S., EMT

“I love how they can be used in place of paper towels or as a kitchen towel. [They are] very versatile and they look great on my countertop.” Becky H., mother of three

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Who am I? My name is Samantha, and I am currently 17 years old. Coming from a family of 7, saving money has always been a top priority for us. My business started in 2013 with the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a program dedicated to teaching students how to start their own business. Through the program, I created a business plan, and had the chance to pitch my business to an investor panel ‘Shark Tank’ style. Not only this, but I won $1,275, and the opportunity to pitch my business in Boca Raton, Florida.

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