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Sandwich Bags - Licensed Prints -

Sandwich Bags – Licensed Prints


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Here are my current licensed character or brand prints I offer for reusable sandwich bags. Please email me at samantha @ for requests for other licensed prints. Thank you so much!

The average size family goes through over 500 plastic baggies a year, and the average school-age child generates 67 pounds of lunch trash per school year. (source) This not only can be costly and wasteful, but sandwich bags contain nasty ingredients that can leak into your food, like BPA and PVC. For a healthier and more frugal alternative, try reusable snack sandwich bags!




  • -Sets of 3
  • -Bags measure approximately 7.75″ by 6″
  • -Comes in many stylish prints featuring the brands you love.
  • -Created with designer cotton and an eco-friendly PUL liner.
  • -The eco-PUL is made of light polyester fabric and TPU, a thin stretchy plastic film. The two are meshed together from a green, safe and healthy adhesive.
  • -PUL liner is waterproof, food-safe, vegan, and CPSIA compliant.
  • -Machine washable with like colors. Do not put in dryer.

Please view the Product Gallery for print images. Current licensed brand prints I offer are:

  • -Cat in the Hat
  • -Duck Dynasty
  • -M&M

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Coca Cola, Dr Who, Cat in the Hat, Duck Dynasty, M&M

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