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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use the ReTowel -


Sep 25, 2014 retowel Comments are off


1. ReTowels help you save money!
The average American family of four spends $144 on paper towels!

2. ReTowels are personalized for your kitchen and your taste.
Paper towels are just white. ReTowels are personalized to fit your kitchen and your taste! New styles are added often.

3. ReTowels are eco-friendly.
No more feeling guilty about wiping your hands once and throwing paper towels away!

4. Paper towels are chlorine-bleached.
This has been linked to things like infertility and cancer.

Breast Cancer ReTowels

5. ReTowels eliminate the need to go out and buy more paper towels, saving time.
Family was important to the Greatest Generation, and it is important to The Parsi Company.

6. The Parsi Company is a small business.
When supporting the Parsi Company, you’re not funding a millionaire’s third vacation home, you’re helping a teenager pay for college. Support small business!

7. The Greatest Generation should be remembered.
We have so much to learn from the Greatest Generation – my business is devoted to sharing these things!

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